Admission Pre Arrival

Step 1
In the Home Country Instructions for student
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Step 2
Before boarding the Airplane

Before you leave for the airport, please be sure to bring along and have accessible, the following important documents:

  • Passport
  • Original Copy of the Visa Approval Letter or Valid Entry Visa

Step 3
On the Airplane

You need to fill in the Disembarkation Card provided by the airline crew. Please keep the card stub and follow any specific information given to you by the UCSI University counsellors.

Step 4
Arrive at the Airport

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KLIA / KLIA2 / Subang Airport - A UCSI University representative will wait for you at the Immigration Office (International student waiting area).

The UCSI University representative will hold a placard (piece of paper) printed with your name and flight details to guide you through immigrations clearance. You need to be ready with the following documents for the Immigration Officers:

  • Passport
  • Original Copy of Visa Approval Letter or Valid Entry Visa

The Immigrations Officer WILL NOT release you without the presence of a UCSI University representative to identify and clear you from Immigrations.

Step 5
Back to UCSI University Campus

Once the Immigrations Clearance procedure is completed, the UCSI University representative (or driver) will send you to the UCSI University Residential Hall. At the Residence (Hostel), the Accommodations Officer will assist you at the front counter to check you in if it is during the usual UCSI University working hours (not evenings, nights or weekends). Otherwise, a security guard or warden will assist you to check-in.